Praise Report

  • Healed From Sickness

    Jaimashi Pastor,
    When we were in Beldangi, Nepal, my mother used to be sick all the time. One day, my mom heard your message, and from that day, faith toward God started to increase in her. Almost daily she would declare her faith saying, “I am healed.” Now she is totally fine.

    Jasu Rai

    Missouri, USA

  • Healed From An Unknown Disease

    For the last nine months, I was suffering from an unknown disease. I could not eat; as a result, my body got dried up, and I started to look like an old man. I requested Apostle Samuel Tamang to pray for me. Today I am completely healed and delivered from this problem.
    Glory to Lord Jesus.

    Ramu Prasad

    Nagaland, India

  • Healed From Piles

    I was suffering from the disease called piles. I did treatment in India by spending Rs.25000 (Indian currency), but nothing happened. I used to get stomach pain and forced to go washroom five to six times daily. I went through this suffering for the last three years. Since the Apostle Samuel Tamang prayed for me over the phone, I got healed completely. Now I am free from this problem.

    Purna Limbu

    Saudi Arabia