Grace in original meaning

What is Grace in original meaning?
Many Christians carry half knowledge of grace. A little knowledge is always danger. Grace in New Testament is “CHARIS.”. Do not just stick to first definition, but do not neglect either. We must go to second too for it is very important for us to know.
This word is defined by STRONG’S EXHAUSTIVE CONCORDANCE as
1.“Gift, benefit, favor, gracious and liberality.”
2.“The divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life.”
The second definition of grace tells that grace will change heart and bring result of change in outside of a person. For example- Barnabas came to the church of Antioch, and “SAW THE PROOF OF GRACE.” (Acts 11:23 NIV). Barnabas did not hear grace; rather, he saw the proof of grace. People’s outward behavior prove the work of grace inside of their hearts.
The law of Moses just binds a person with burden with no change of heart.
The grace of LORD JESUS changes the heart of a person and enable to reflect its transformation in the outward character of a person.
Grace to you from LORD JESUS CHRIST.